Team Selection Criteria – 2016-2017 Team

NOTE THAT ONLY THOSE WHO FILL OUT AN INTENT FORM AND SUBMIT WITH DEPOSIT CHEQUE BEFORE JULY 15 WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR THE 2017 TEAM!!! (In case of a postal strike, you can also email a copy of your application, BEFORE July 15, to Arlene  Lehman at <> and bring your deposit cheque to Nationals,  to submit before the 1st round of competition)

The AAC will select a National team to participate in the 2017 IFCS World Agility Championships. Team members are selected by the AAC National Team Management, following the criteria set forth in this document, and on this website. Selected team members agree to follow all policies and procedures set forth by IFCS, AAC, and the AAC National Team Management.

Potential applicants to the National Team MUST fill out the IFCS TEAM SELECTION INTENT FORM and send it, along with a $250 deposit to “AAC NATIONAL TEAM”, c/o A. Lehman, 16648 Highway 48, Stouffville, ON, L4A 7X4 BEFORE July 15, 2016!

*NOTE THIS IS A NEW PROCESS, AND APPLICATIONS WILL NOT LONGER BE ACCEPTED AT THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. This process also applies to Draft and Medal positions for those NOT attending Nationals, they must still send in the form and deposit before Friday, July 15, 2016!!!

If you and your dog are NOT selected for the AAC National Team your deposit cheque will be destroyed or returned to you (if you include a self addressed envelope).

If you ARE selected to the team, an additional final $250 deposit cheque will also be due by Sep 1, 2016 to finalize your position on the team.

If you are selected for the AAC National Team your deposits will ONLY be refunded in the case of a verified injury to and/or handler.


The AAC National Management may chose up to 20 team members for the IFCS competition. These positions may consist of 14 members selected from AAC Nationals Individual Round Results (Appendix A); up to 4 previous IFCS Medalists; and up to 2 Draft spots. Target date for the final announcement of team members will be no more than 1 month after the AAC National Championships.


  1. 14 Positions on the AAC National Team for IFCS are determined by points earned at the AAC National Championships, as per the point schedule outlined in Appendix A, as well as the additional criteria listed below.
  2. From Nationals results, dogs and handlers will be selected in each of the 4 height categories as follows: 10″- 3 Dogs, 16″- 3 Dogs, 22″- 5 Dogs, 26″- 3 Dogs.


  1. The AAC National Team Management may also select up to four (4) previous IFCS Canadian medal winners as members of the team.
  2. These additions, if any, may include dogs who are not competing at Nationals, or be from the pool of those competing at Nationals, including those who would otherwise be selected by the point system.
  3. The medallists selected for the team will be from those who have medalled in the previous two years at any IFCS competition, and selections are made based on a point system for rankings.
  4. Medallist rankings for the previous two years is available on the AAC National Team website, and will be posted at the AAC National Championships.


  1. Out of the 16 spots available to be selected from non IFCS medalists, to represent the AAC and Canada at the World Championships, the National Management may draft two (2) dogs, either from dogs who have attended Nationals, or from dogs who have not attended Nationals.  Each of these two dogs may be in any height class.
  2. In order to be eligible for a draft position, the handler must have put in an Application under the same timeline deadlines as those competing in Nationals, and the /handler team must meet all applicable criteria (ex attended AAC trials, be AAC member etc.); if the team did not attend Nationals, they must also submit their reason for not attending.
  3. The National Team Management may use the following sources for determining draft choices for the current year: National Results (if attended), Regionals results, top dogs in AAC based on Statistics (especially Challenge Classes), training video submitted in the Team Member area of the National Team website.

The AAC National Selection Committee reserves the right to update this criteria.

Eligibility of Handler

  1. The handler must be a member in good standing with the AAC. The handler of a dog under consideration for the team must have been the handler of the dog at the AAC National Championships, or be the handler of the dog in the eligible criteria being considered for a draft or medallist position.
  2. Anyone who has an outstanding balance owing to the AAC National Dog Agility team is not eligible to apply for a team position until the balance is paid in full.
  3. Handlers must have competed in 8 AAC Sanctioned trial weekends in the two years prior to the Nationals. In order to for a trial to qualify, the handler must have competed in no less than 50% of class options available. Regionals/Nationals are not to be included in this requirement, although AAC sanctioned events (like Steeplechase) at those Regionals / Nationals can be counted. A weekend can only be counted once, and Saturday runs and Sunday runs may not be considered two trials.
  4. The handler must either be a citizen of Canada or have permanent resident status within Canada. Note that a permanent resident who competes as a representative for their country of residency will be ineligible to compete for their country of citizenship for a period of 5 years following the IFCS competition.
  5. The handler must be prepared to satisfy all conditions related to travel and health documentation.
  6. The handler must be financially able to provide their personal travel expenses for the event, in case financial sponsorship and/or fundraising is not available, or does not cover all of the expected expenses.
  7. Team members should have valid credit card in order to book into hotels, and to provide some security in case of an emergency.
  8. After selection, each handler will be required to sign a team contract in order to confirm participation on the team. This contract will outline duties and responsibilities for team members, financial responsibilities, team practices, code of conduct and more.
  9. Submitting an application and deposit is considered the handler’s acceptance for a spot on the team, if they qualify for one.  Therefor, when the team members are selected, the deposit cheques of the successful applicants will be cashed, and a contract sent to them to fill out and return.
  10. The contract sent out to the team members must be signed and returned to the National Team Management by September 1st, 2016, and must be accompanied by an additional non refundable $250 deposit ($500 total)(financial terms available upon request).
  11. If the team member does not return the contract and deposits by the deadline, they will be deemed to have turned down the spot on the team, and an alternate will be chosen.  The deposit is non refundable except in the case of a verified injury to or handler.
  12. If a handler is under 18 years of age, the consent form and final agreement must be filled out by the Junior handler’s parent or guardian. The Junior handler must also be accompanied to and at the IFCS event by their parent or legal guardian, at their own expense.
  13. A competitor shall be expected to serve as a representative and goodwill ambassador representing Canada, the AAC, and of the sport of agility. Any written complaints filed against a potential team member which are upheld by the AAC Disciplinary Committee will be reviewed by the AAC National Team Management. The Management and AAC Board may, at its sole discretion, and without recourse, declare such a competitor ineligible for the team.
  14. The National Team Management must be notified as soon as possible if a handler becomes ill or incapacitated, and will be unable to compete in the event, so that an alternate can be notified.
  15. Team members will be responsible for fund raising under the direction of the AAC National Team Management. This fundraising may include (but will not be limited to) merchandise sales, submitting articles for a fundraising publication, organizing events; giving instruction at a fundraising seminar etc.
  16. As representative of the AAC and the AAC National Team, team members must be respectful of the AAC, the AAC National team, and the AAC Team Management at all times, including on Social Media. Those who are not may be face sanctions, including removal from the team.
  17. Any team member who does not fulfill fundraising and other obligations, as set out by the Team Management Committee, may be subject to sanctions. These sanctions may include, but are not limited to; fines, restriction of team runs, and removal from the team.
  18. If a team member is removed from the team, or resigns from the team,  they will not have their deposit, or any monies raised on behalf of the team, refunded.
  19. Alternates will not travel with the team, unless they replace a competing team member prior to March 15th. After March 15, if Alternates have not replaced a competing team member, and are not traveling to compete with the team, they will receive their full deposit back.

Eligibility of Dog

  1. ALL teams (except those applying for Maxi), who have filled out the IFCS section of the AAC National Championship entry form will have their dogs measured at the AAC National Championships to ensure they are competing in the correct height. This measurement will be done by a judge approved by the AAC National Team Management. (see below for clarification regarding measurements).
  2. Official IFCS height breakdowns are as shown in Appendix B (NOTE: different than AAC height cut-offs!) Dogs MUST be competing in the correct IFCS height division at the AAC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS to be eligible for IFCS competition consideration. This requirement ensures that dogs who are competing against each other for spots, will also be competing against each other at Nationals.
  3. In IFCS competition, all dogs in the Toy, Mini, and Midi divisions may also be measured by IFCS judges or officials prior to the start of the IFCS competition. Any dog that is measured over the height limit must compete in the higher height.  If a dog is close to a height cut-off they should be prepared to up-jump, in case they get a high measure at the IFCS competition.
  4. Dogs may not be taking any performing enhancing medications. Any medications that the dog is receiving must be noted on the team contract.
  5. The AAC National Team Management must be notified as soon as possible if a dog becomes ill or incapacitated, and will be unable to compete in the event, so that an alternate can be notified. Dogs in heat ARE allowed in IFCS competition, but pregnant dogs are not.
  6. A dog shall be expected to serve as a representative of the AAC and of the sport of agility. Any written complaints filed against the potential team which are upheld by the AAC Disciplinary Committee will be reviewed by the AAC National Team Committee, who can declare such a dog ineligible for the team.

APPENDIX A – Point Table and IFCS TEAM event selection process Points will be earned at the AAC National Championships as follows.  Note that there are different point tables for EACH JUMP HEIGHT!  All results in Standard and Jumpers will be based on a time PLUS fault calculation, as used in IFCS competition, rather than AAC Nationals “fault then time” scoring. Placements in Gamblers will be based on the total points earned in the opening and closing, plus any applicable time bonus points.

Place Pts Place Pts Place Pts   Place Pts Place Pts Place Pts
1st 20 1st 20 1st 10   1st 30 1st 30 1st 15
2nd 18 2nd 18 2nd 9   2nd 28 2nd 28 2nd 14
3rd 16 3rd 16 3rd 8   3rd 26 3rd 26 3rd 13
4th 14 4th 14 4th 7   4th 24 4th 24 4th 12
5th 12 5th 12 5th 6   5th 22 5th 22 5th 11
6th 10 6th 10 6th 5   6th 20 6th 20 6th 10
7th 8 7th 8 7th 4   7th 18 7th 18 7th 9
8th 6 8th 6 8th 3   8th 16 8th 16 8th 8
9th 4 9th 4 9th 2   9th 14 9th 14 9th 7
10th 2 10th 2 10th 1   10th 12 10th 12 10th 6
. . . . . . . 11th 10 11th 10 11th 5
. . . . . . . 12th 8 12th 8 12th 4
. . . . . . . 13th 6 13th 6 13th 3
. . . . . . . 14th 4 14th 4 14th 2
. . . . . . . 15th 2 15th 2 15th 1
Place Pts Place Pts Place Pts   Place Pts Place Pts Place Pts
1st 50 1st 50 1st 25   1st 40 1st 40 1st 20
2nd 48 2nd 48 2nd 24   2nd 38 2nd 38 2nd 19
3rd 46 3rd 46 3rd 23   3rd 36 3rd 36 3rd 18
4th 44 4th 44 4th 22   4th 34 4th 34 4th 17
5th 42 5th 42 5th 21   5th 32 5th 32 5th 16
6th 40 6th 40 6th 20   6th 30 6th 30 6th 15
7th 38 7th 38 7th 19   7th 28 7th 28 7th 14
8th 36 8th 36 8th 18   8th 26 8th 26 8th 13
9th 34 9th 34 9th 17   9th 24 9th 24 9th 12
10th 32 10th 32 10th 16   10th 22 10th 22 10th 11
11th 30 11th 30 11th 15   11th 20 11th 20 11th 10
12th 28 12th 28 12th 14   12th 18 12th 18 12th 9
13th 26 13th 26 13th 13   13th 16 13th 16 13th 8
14th 24 14th 24 14th 12   14th 14 14th 14 14th 7
15th 22 15th 22 15th 11   15th 12 15th 12 15th 6
16th 20 16th 20 16th 10   16th 10 16th 10 16th 5
17th 18 17th 18 17th 9   17th 8 17th 8 17th 4
18th 16 18th 16 18th 8   18th 6 18th 6 18th 3
19th 14 19th 14 19th 7   19th 4 19th 4 19th 2
20th 12 20th 12 20th 6   20th 2 20th 2 20th 1
21st 10 21st 10 21st 5  
22nd 8 22nd 8 22nd 4  
23rd 6 23rd 6 23rd 3  
24th 4 24th 4 24th 2  
25th 2 25th 2 25th 1  

(Because of the potential for differences between Regional Championships, previous National Championships, and other International competitions, no points are given for those events)

  1. In the event of ties in the number of overall points, the Team Selection Committee will make the decision based on fastest YPS (time plus faults) in the team’s fastest Standard Round.
  2. ALL dogs selected for the Canadian National team will run all four of the Individual rounds at the IFCS competition (consisting of Individual Standard Agility, Individual Jumpers, Individual Gamblers and Individual Snooker)
  3. ALL s selected for the Canadian team will run both of the Biathlon rounds at the IFCS competition (consisting of two rounds including Biathlon Standard Agility and Biathlon Jumpers).
  4. SOME of the dogs will be selected for three additional IFCS “TEAM” rounds (consisting of Agility-TEAM, Jumpers-TEAM, and TEAM Relay). These selections will be made by the Team Management at the IFCS competition.


IFCS Category AAC Division Dog Measuring
TOY 10″ Regular 30 cm (11.81″) and under
MINI 16″ Regular 40 cm (1575″) and under
MIDI 22″ Regular 50 cm (19.69″) and under
MAXI 26″ Regular No restriction
 (*Note that Toy s will jump 12″ heights at the IFCS World Championships!)