2017 Team

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Quasi(modo) with Christina Sanders

quasiFor 3 years now the small but mighty Quasi(modo), aka AGMCH Topflite Rings My Bell, has been a shining star amongst so many great Canadian dogs competing today. Taking to agility like a duck to water Quasi burst onto the scene when he became the youngest National Champion in AAC history with his first win at the ripe old age of 24 months. He then followed that up at 2.5 yrs old when he medalled in his very first run at his first World Championship. From then on he has continued to excel beyond anyone’s expectations. To date The Modo has won 4 National Championships (AAC, UKI) and has been asked to represent Canada internationally 7 times (FCI, IFCS, WAO) where he has brought home 5 medals so far (Gold, Silver, Bronze x3) along with placing Top 3 a total of 13 times in non-medalling rounds.

Quasi is truly a delightful companion where his aggressively verbose, hear me roar attitude belies a sweet, sensitive soul that shines ever so bright to those that know him well. He is also a pesky pushy boy who will force other dogs into a game of tug by stealing toys right from their mouths or driving toys into my hand whether I want them or not. LOL. The Modo is my constant shadow who makes me laugh every day and has brightened my household in so many ways I can’t even imagine what it would be like without him around. To have a dog who is blissfully happy 24/7 is an amazing experience.

As for me, I have been very lucky to compete successfully in a multitude of dog sports for over 25 years now (schutzhund, obedience, flyball, rally, scent hurdle racing, etc.) where my dogs & I have earned way too many titles while having way too much fun while we’ve been at it. My main focus over the last 12 years has been agility. It was my Border Collie, Abbi, that started me on this marvellous adventure involving weaves and tunnels. It was she who took me across Canada to various competitions and eventually across the ocean to my first WAC (FCI in 2009). It was also she who opened the door for me to become an AAC judge back in 2007.

I have been exceptionally fortunate to be asked to represent Canada 10 times now between the 3 World Championships because of my 3 amazing dogs. I have truly been blessed to have such wonderful furry teachers over the years and thusly have shared their wisdom via coaching others for OC Agility since 2009.

I’m honoured to be representing Canada and can’t ask for better teammates then those chosen for the 2017 IFCS team. This should be one wild ride. Oléeee! Oléeee, oléeee, oléeee! Vamos Canada!


Milly with Maya Celuch

milly2This will be Milly and I’s second year on the AAC National Team, and we are truly honored to be representing Canada once again at the next IFCS World Agility Championships.”

Slice with Anneli Hilton

Anneli began training agility in 1999 with her American Eskimo, Bailey.  Little did she know then that her first dog would lead to five more beautiful agility relationships, a new career and a wonderful group of friends and students. There have been many AAC Regional Championships, AAC National podium finishes and a variety of other discipline achievements since.Mut Hut July 30-121-sm

Tollegend’s It’s Been A Slice aka Slice is an nine year old female Papillon weighing in at 3.9 lbs.  Don’t let her size fool you as she has enough confidence and skill to make you forget she is so tiny.  While agility is her first love she has dabbled in flyball, disc dog, dock dogs and most recently nose work.  Regardless of what is asked of her she always gives 110%.

Anneli and Slice are very excited to be making their third IFCS appearance as  part of the 2017 IFCS Canadian World Team.  This will be their ninth world team appearance but the thrill of being a part of the team is still new and exciting as if it was their first. Anneli has been competing in agility for 17 years with many different canine partners along the way but the bond between Slice and Anneli is undeniable.

In 2011, in their first world experience they took the WAO by storm and brought home Gold in the Pentathlon and Silver in the Biathlon.  The experience of a lifetime!  Never has a person been more proud to be Canadian.  Their first time representing their country and they got to bring home not one but two medals from our version of the agility Olympics.  That is when the international bug bit them and they have been competing and ranking among the best in the world ever since.

When not competing, Anneli can be found at See Spot Run Doggy Daycare & Training Inc., her business that was started because of her passion for helping dogs.  It truly is a labor of love.

They are proud to be Canadian and so excited to be a part of this team of amazing dogs and handlers for 2017.

Posh with Kirstin O'Neill - ALT

10-poshI am ecstatic to be a part of this years IFCS team with Posh Piranha and Beckham.

Posh Piranha is a 3 year old Parson Russell terrier. We have been together for less than a year, she is still coming together and I can not wait to see what this little spitfire is capable of!

Looking forward to a great year with an amazing group of handlers and their dogs!

Beckham and Kirstin O'Neill

beckhamI am ecstatic to be a part of this years IFCS team with Beckham and Posh Piranha. Beckham is a 10 year old Parson Russell terrier.

He was a part of the last two IFCS teams. Earning 2 silver and bronze medal. Beckham has also been on FCI and EO- and actually Earned a Win On for EO 2016, and ended this year winning aac nationals, as well as winning IRON DOG ( overall) as well as top small dog at the 2016 Canadian Classic

Looking forward to a great year with an amazing group of handlers and their dogs!

Dex with Tina Karvinen

dexDex and I are thrilled to be part of the AAC National Agility Team! We are greatly honoured to be able to represent Canada.

I first became involved with agility 14 years ago when I started a class with my German Shorthaired Pointer, Cody. I was looking for something fun to do outside of competitive obedience, but quickly found myself becoming hooked! Since then I have trained and titled five other agility dogs, a journey that has led to many adventures with my best furry friends and opened up a whole world of friends, excitement, challenge, and fun.

Dex is a very special 4 year old miniature poodle who is an awesome blend of high drive (where’s my crack ball?!) and biddableness. I feel like he would do anything for me, my job is just to tell him what it is that I want. Outside the ring he is friends with everyone – if you are sitting ring side you might just find him in your lap if you so much as give him a friendly look!

Dex has had some great accomplishments with fairly light trialing (I had a baby in 2015). In 2014 at barely the age of two years, Dex placed 2nd in 16” at the Ontario West Regionals. In both 2015 and 2016 he was 1st at the Ontario East Regionals and 2nd place at his first AAC Nationals in 2016. He finished his ATChC with ease in 2015. Dex also loves to run with my daughter, Kiersten, as a juniors’ dog and has taught her all about agility and the fun of competition. I can’t wait to see what else this fantastic boy can accomplish!

Dex and I share our home in North Bay, Ontario with my husband, Sean, three children, Kiersten, Lauren, and Layna, and two other dogs, Snaps and Delta. I have a doctorate in Exercise Science and in my day job I am an Associate Professor at Nipissing University in the School of Physical and Health Education.

Tactix with Morgan Jarvis

tactixMorgan and Tactix are extremely honored to be participating on the 2016/17 IFCS Canadian World Team.

Tactix is an nine year old Border Collie/Jack Russell Terrier cross, with tons of energy, drive and spunk.  Tactix enjoys many dog sports such as DockDiving, Disc, Flyball, Obedience and of course Agility.

Morgan and Tactix have competed at many Regional and National agility events, as well as competed with the 2015/16 IFCS team in the Netherlands, finishing with a 4th place in individual Standard and a 5th in Individual Gamble.

Morgan and Tactix are looking forward to competing for their second year with the team at  the IFCS Worlds in Valencia Spain.

Morgan Jarvis, has over 30 years of experience working and having fun with dogs, and is the owner of K9 Central, Pet Resort Training and Spa.  A multifaceted pet facility located in Ontario, Canada.

For further information on Morgan please visit http://k9central.ca/meet-morgan-jarvis-26

Whisky with Marie-Josee Bureau

whiskyMa passion pour les animaux vient d’aussi loin que je puisse me rappeler, dévorant tous les documentaires du National Geographic sur la faune et ramenant insectes, grenouilles et tortues à la maison au grand désespoir de ma mère ! Pour essayer de me faire passer cette mauvaise habitude, mes parents m’ont inscrite à des cours d’équitation.  L’amour pour cette majestueuse et si sensible bête a été instantané !  J’ai donc passé toute mon adolescence avec des chevaux et délaissé les insectes et grenouilles!

Ce ne fut qu’en 2006 que mon premier chien est entré dans ma vie : Kitty un schnauzer miniature. En 2007, ma fille et moi avons été initiées à ce merveilleux sport qu’est l’agilité. En 2008, nous faisions déjà notre premier National d’agilité !

Ce fut en 2011 que Whisky est arrivé dans ma vie. Ce petit chien qui sait toujours comment nous attendrir et nous faire rire a conquis mon cœur !

Whisky est un chien débordant d’énergie, toujours prêt à travailler et courir ! Sa plus grande passion c’est de manger, la seconde est l’agilité, donc lorsque l’agilité lui apporte des gâteries, c’est tout simplement le paradis pour lui !

Whisky, dès l’âge de 3 ans, nous a menés à son titre “ Prix d’excellence, Réalisation à vie ” et un premier podium au championnat National de l’AAC.

En 2015, nous avons eu la chance de faire partie du tournage d’un documentaire sur les sports canins “Les Vedettes à Poils” pour le canal Historia. Mon petit Whisky s’est avéré une vedette naturelle, même avec une caméra sur le dos, presqu’aussi grosse que lui !! Il nous a même permis d’arriver premier au Cynosport World Games 2015 tout ça devant les caméras !

En 2016, nous avons eu l’honneur de nous envoler pour la France et d’aller représenter le Canada au FCI Agility European Open. Ce fut une expérience extraordinaire d’avoir pu concourir avec les meilleures équipes au monde !

Whisky est un chien extraordinaire, débordant d’énergie, constamment à l’affût de faire plaisir. Il ne me reste qu’à le guider !!! Qui aurait pensé que cette petite boule de poil m’aurait amenée à voyager et rencontrer des gens extraordinaires  partout à travers le monde!

Ce sera un grand honneur de représenter le Canada pour la première fois au IFCS World Championship et de faire partie de l’équipe Canadienne!


My passion for animals goes back as far as I can remember, watching National Geographic animal documentaries and bringing back home all kinds of insects, frogs and turtles much to my mother’s despair! Trying to get rid of this bad habit, my parents registered for horseback riding classes. The love for this noble and sensible animal was instantaneous! Therefore, I spent all my teenager years around horses and deserted insects and frogs!

In 2006, my first dog entered my life: Kitty, a miniature Schnauzer. In 2007, my daughter and I were introduced for the first time to agility contests and in 2008 we were already participating at our first National agility contest.

In 2011, Whisky entered my life. This little dog has the gift to soften us and has really conquered my heart.

Whisky is overflowing with energy and always ready to work and run! His biggest passion is food and the second one is agility, so when agility brings treats, it is simply heaven for him!!!

Barely 3 years old, Whisky brought in an AAC “Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence” and his first podium at the National.

In 2015, we had the opportunity to be part of a History channel shooting of a documentary about canine sports: “Les Vedettes à Poils”.  My little Whisky was a natural star, even with an almost as big as himself camera on his back!!

In 2016 we had the honour to fly to France and represent Canada at the the FCI Agility European Open. An extraordinary experience that allowed us to compete with the best teams in the world!

Whisky is an extraordinary dog full of energy and always ready to please you. I simply have to guide him. Who would have thought that this little ball of fur would have given me the opportunity to travel and meet extraordinary people from all over the world?

It will be a great honor to represent Canada at the IFCS World Championship and be part of the Canadian team at this event.

Zorro with Denise Pilote

zorro3Hello, my name is Denise Pilote from Barrie, Ontario and I am honoured that I was asked to represent Canada at the IFCS World Agility Championship 2017 in Valencia, Spain with my awesome schnauzer Zorro.

Zorro was born September 19, 2010 and came home 9 weeks later as our family pet. I took Zorro to his first puppy class in Lindsay, Ontario with someone that we trusted, Sharon Worsley, my husband’s cousin. I really had no knowledge about agility, except for Sharon’s accomplishments. She told us about a great coach in our area. That summer I signed up for a puppy foundation class with the amazing trainer, Sandra Bourne, and our wonderful agility journey began.

What a whirlwind of a journey Zorro has taken me on. Not in my wildest imagination could I have ever dreamt or guessed that I would be doing agility and to have an incredible first agility dog like Zorro, who runs beside me with his heart and soul. I have been blessed.

We have come up fast and furious in the agility world from our first Q in July 2012 onto Regionals, Nationals, and then last year trying out and making the 2015 EO Team representing Canada in Germany.

I am so excited and looking forward at representing Canada with my fellow teammates in Valencia, Spain 2017!!!!!

I would like to thank all my family, friends, and agility friends who have supported me on this incredible journey.

Excel with Meaghan O'Neill

Bio-EXCELExcel and I have been running on and off together for only the last 2 years, but it feels like we have been together for longer.

Excel is a 5 yr old tri Sheltie who was also alternate on the 2013 IFCS Team.  Excel has also been on the EO and FCI teams in 2016.

I am also on the team with my young Border Collie, Snow Devyl, so I will have my hands full!

Really looking forward to competing at the World Championships with so many other great dog/handler teams.

Jet with Tara LaBelle


Jet & I are thrilled to be part of the IFCS 2017 Canadian World Team. She is three years old and this will be our second IFCS appearance. In 2016, Jet won 2 medals (gold in individual jumpers and silver in gamblers). I feel extremely fortunate to be given this opportunity and will make the best of it!

I started participating in the sport of agility over 15 years ago with my Sheltie; Ginger and have competed with my two older Border Collies Swift & Viper since then.

Jet is extremely athletic and is an absolute blast to run in the ring. She gives 100% each run and can’t wait to step into the ring in 2017! We would like to thank the AAC, our friends, coaches, & management for their support. We’re looking forward to cheering on our teammates in Spain!

Tylt with Teri O'Neill

tyltTylt and I are very proud to be representing Canada at the IFCS World Championships in 2017.

Teri and Tylt has taken me further then I could ever imagine, winning Medals at both IFCS and WAO World Championships, as well as the title of National Champion in Canada.

Tylt gives it her all every time she steps into the ring, and we are very excited to be representing Canada once again at World Championships. Go Team Canada!

Reason with Karey Grisdale


I feel very honored and privileged to be a part of 2017 AAC National Team taking part in the WAC IFCS Agility Championship in Spain. Not only did Reason win a spot on the team, but he is also is the 2016 AAC  22″ National Champion. We were also thrilled to be a part of this wonderful team in 2015 where we won a silver medal in Italy. The AAC, management team, each of my teammates and the health care providers are all so supportive and make this such a great team to be a part of.

Reason loves agility and is a dream to train and run! He has many titles including his ATCH from the AAC. I competed in Agility and Obedience with my Doberman’s for years and then started training my first BC Tees in 2007.   Reason came into my life a few years later and agility became our main game!  We have just welcomed a new female Border Collie, Rhyme, into our home. When not doing agility we enjoy running daily in our local forests and swimming.

I am thrilled to be representing Canada and Congratulations to all my teammates. Thanks to my family and friends for all their support!

Link with Laura Campbell

linkLink and I are honoured to represent Canada for a second time as a Canadian National Team member attending the 2017 IFCS World Agility Championships in Spain.

We join a long list of very talented hard working agility teams representing Canada this year. Link and I are passionate competitors who love this sport and we are thrilled to be working with this years management / coaching team to go for the GOLD!

The support of the AAC board and the countless hours everyone puts into taking the best team to world championship is inspiring. This inspiration pushes Link and I to be better and better each year.

 I continue to be grateful for the ongoing support of my family, friends and my fellow agility peers. We will go with passion to do our best on the agility field.
Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. ~ Zig Ziglar

Crush with Wendy Alexander

crush-regionals-2016Feeling truly blessed to have the opportunity to represent Canada at IFCS in Spain for 2017.

Last year was a tough year after undergoing ACL surgery and being out most of the year. Crush had a late start to training but is making up for lost time! She turned 3 in June and has exceeded all my expectations. She is a real thinker and as her understanding increases so is her speed! I’m enjoying running with her so much! Yes running! Feels so good to not worry that my knee might buckle under me at any moment!

I have been doing agility for about 17 years now and have enjoyed watching our sport grow and advance in that time. I now teach 13 classes a week and absolutely love it! I also work part-time for an online B2B marketing company.

I want to thank all the people that make it possible for the team to compete – the AAC, management, coaches, support staff and also, all the people that help in our fundraising efforts! Thank you all!!

Niyaz with Michel Patry

thumbnail_niyaz-canada-cup-2015Cedar Red Fire Niyaz

Her name says it all. Niyaz is 4 years old and she is a high drive, passionate and sweet border collie. Since we got her, she has always been ready for anything. She loves to do whatever activity and does everything with intensity. She started agility with Michel in 2014 and in less than a year, she got her Atchc. She accumulated 1st position in a lot of competitions she went to because of her speed and effectiveness in the ring.

Niyaz especially loves agility, but she also enjoys dockdiving, bikejoring and canicross. She is always ready to work and she only knows one speed, VERY FAST!

When she was 2 years ½, she got a spot for the EO Team in the 26” category to represent Canada in Germany. At 3 years old, she was qualified to go to Cynosport in Tennessee. She finished as the 2nd fastest dog on 330 dogs in the Steeplechase semi-finals and got the chance to run in the Finals. She also earned a 3nd place in Snooker and a 4th place in Gamblers. This year 2016 Nationals was her 1st experience and Michel was happy to be chosen to represent the country with his flying squirrel.

Son nom dit tout. Niyaz a 4 ans et elle est un border collie qui est à la fois intense, passionnée et douce. Depuis qu’elle est avec nous, elle a toujours été prête à tout. Elle aime faire n’importe quelle activité qu’on lui propose et ceci avec une grande intensité et volonté. Elle a commencé l’agilité avec Michel en 2014 et en moins d’une année, elle a obtenu son Atchc. Elle a accumulé la 1ère position dans la plupart des compétitions où elle a participé, dû à sa vitesse et son efficacité sur le terrain d’agilité.

Niyaz adore surtout l’agilité, mais aime également s’amuser en dockdiving, bikejoring et canicross. Elle est toujours prête à travailler et elle ne connaît qu’une vitesse, TRÈS VITE!

À 2 ans ½, elle a obtenu une place dans l’équipe EO dans la catégorie 26” qui a représenté le Canada en Allemagne. À 3 ans, elle s’est qualifiée pour aller au Cynosport au Tennessee. Elle a terminé 2e chien sur 330 chiens en demi-finale de Steeplechase et a eu la chance de courir dans la finale. Elle a aussi terminé 3e en Snooker et 4e en Enjeu. Le National 2016 fut le 1er pour Niyaz et Michel était très content d’avoir été choisi pour représenter le pays avec son écureuil volant.

Chill with Tiffany Salmon - ALT

Photo credit: John Hill

Tiffany & Chill love the challenge of International competition and are always very proud to be able to represent Canada. Chill has competed in Austria, Spain, Luxembourg, Hungary, Slovakia and the Netherlands as well as many US States.

Chill also holds Championship titles with four different Agility organizations.

Although Chill has never competed at IFCS, Tiffany has been on the IFCS podium with Border Collie Fly in Belgium and with Fly’s mother, Rio, in England and in Texas!

Quake with Christine Neklia-Thibodeau

quake2TNT What’s Shaken “Quake”. Quake is a 6 year old Border Collie who lives in Riverglade, New Brunswick.

Each day he continues to bring us joy, laughter and a genuine love for the game of agility. While not training he loves ‘cross training’ which consists of swimming, hiking, and core training.

 It’s through the continued support and encouragement of our friends in the Atlantic region and across Canada along with family that we are part of this amazing team and can live our dream to represent our country in a sport we all love.

We are proud to be part of the 2017 team and excited to put our skills to the test against some of the best teams in the world!

“He is a Great Champion, when he runs the ground shakes, he runs fast and he runs clean. I will meet him at the finish line to celebrate his success”

Ujo with Johanne Brouillard

ujo1Johanne est native de St-David qui est situé tout près de Drummondville, qui elle-même est située à 80 km de Montréal. Elle adore beaucoup les animaux. C’est tout d’abord avec le cheval qu’un lien particulier s’est créé entre l’animal et Johanne, car elle a grandit sur une vaste terre agricole, parmi la nature, ce qui lui a donné le privilège de les côtoyer.

Par la suite lorsqu’elle a quitté la terre paternelle, elle a délaissé l’activité équestre pour un chien de compagnie, un doberman. Son intérêt pour l’activité canine a débuté, lorsqu’elle a fréquenté le parc canin de sa région, il y a 12 ans. Littéralement passionnée pour les cours d’obéissance, d’initiation aux obstacles, elle est devenue membre de l’AAC et elle participe aux concours régionaux de l’AAC depuis 2004. Sa passion ne se limitait pas juste pour la saison estivale, l’hiver, le « canicross » se trouve sur son agenda . Son premier concours national fût en 2007 à Halton Hills en Ontario, très belle expérience !

Toutes ses activités avec : Mozart (doberman), Ice (border collie) et Ujo (berger belge) (et bientôt Caty…) lui ont porté fruit et c’est tout particulièrement ces dernières années que Johanne a obtenu la récompense de terminer sur le podium.

Malgré nos difficultés rencontrées lors des tournois et tout particulièrement la température torride du national de 2016, le succès et le bonheur étaient au rendez-vous lui permettant d’être choisi et pouvoir représenter le Canada lors du prochain tournoi en Espagne de l’IFCS.


Johanne was born in St-David which is located near Drummondville, which itself is 80 km from Montreal. She loves animals, so much. Her first contact was with the horse and a special friendship occurred at that time. Because she grew up on a vast agricultural land, in nature, that gave her the privilege to have knowledge about them.

Later when she left the paternal land, she quit the equestrian activity for a pet dog, a Doberman. Her interest in the canine activity began when she visited a dog park in her area, 12 years ago. Literally passioned for obedience classes, introduction to the obstacles, she became a member of  AAC and she participates in regional AAC competitions since 2004. Her passion was not limited just to the summer season, but in the winter, the canicross was on her agenda. Her first national competition was in 2007 in Halton Hills, Ontario, what a beautiful experience!

All activities with: Mozart (Doberman), Ice (border collie) and the Belgian shepherds, Ujo and very soon, Caty … carried on her all gratifications, especially the last few years she got the reward of finishing on the podium.

Despite our difficulties in trials and especially the scorching temperature at the 2016 National, success and happiness were at rendezvous for her while she is being chosen to represent the Canada at the upcoming tournament in Spain of IFCS.

Crash with Andre Landry

Crash and I are very excited to have been selected to represent Canada again next year at the 2017 IFCS World Agility Championships!  We are very much looking forward to being a part of this team, full of the best dogs and handlers our country has to offer!

Having taken part in all of the IFCS drills throughout the winter months since our first year being selected to the team in 2013 – the skills we worked on and feedback we received were invaluable in helping us grow as a team – CRASH LANDRYSince then we’ve had the pleasure of representing Canada Internationally 10 times and have collected 5 medals in the process!!!  I’m thrilled we have the chance to do it all again!

We appreciate all the hard work that the board and management team put towards this team, so we’d like to thank them all now, in advance for all the hard work they still need to put towards this adventure!!  2016 has been like another wild year for Crash (who’s in the best shape of his agility career at 6 years old), having competed in the Netherlands with the IFCS team, England with the WAO team (where we earned our first Gold Medal!!), and Spain with the AWC team – Crash takes everything in stride and gets stronger everytime we step to the line.

When Crash isn’t playing agility, he loves to go for long walks on the golf course near his home and chase around with his border brothers and sisters (and a crazy Pom). Crash enjoys taking part in agility and disc demos at exhibitions in his home province of Nova Scotia, and loves playing disc with his little human (Benjamin) and heard the cat around the house on his days off.

Having been involved in competitive sport for as long as I can remember, whether it be hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, etc, none of these sports has provided me with the amount of joy as canine agility – I have my wife Elisabeth to thank for getting me hooked. I love every single second that I’m out training or competing with Crash, and cannot wait to put on the red and white alongside some of the most talented dogs our country has to offer on the world stage – congrats to all who were selected to play at next year’s competition!

Crash and I were also very lucky to have had so much support last year from across the country and especially from our Atlantic agility family, and we will be looking to make them all proud again next year at the 2017 WAC!! GO CANADA GO!!!!  UP, UP AND AWAY!!!

Caper with Sarah LeBlanc

caperI have had the pleasure of being part of the AAC National Team for the past 2 years with my first dog, Bo. I was over the moon when I heard that my dog Caper was drafted for this year’s team. Caper aka Noodle is a four-and-a-half year old Border Collie. He is my second dog. This will be Caper’s first World Team adventure.

Caper is a goofy, fun-loving, wiggly red dog. As a puppy, Caper was very soft and scared of almost everything around him. His favorite activity is chasing his big brother in the yard – never taking his eyes of him (this makes training a little challenging). I did not know what to except from Caper when it came to the competitive agility ring. He required a lot of encouragement at first. About a year ago, the switch “flipped” – I now have a driven, barking, squealing and happy red dog!!

We look forward to representing Canada!!

Snow Devyl with Meaghan O'Neill

WAC 2016

WAC 2016

Snow Devyl and I are very excited to be a part of the 2017 AAC National Team. Devy is still a young pup at only 3 years old, she has very quickly turned into a rising star. She matured very quickly and took to agility as naturally as breathing. Like she was born for it 😉

I also have a Medium dog on the team as an alternate, Excel.

My Border Collie, Devy, at a young age has already achieved so much, earning all the titles up to her ATCH already, as well as earning her First Medal (and a Gold!) in 2016 IFCS Worlds in Netherlands at her very First World Championships.

I am very nervous and excited to take Devy to worlds for the Second time, her potential still is so huge I am blessed to have her. But at the same time coming in with the confidence that we know we can Rock it! Can’t Wait!