Management Group

The National Dog Agility Team Management Group is an independent but associated entity, created for the purpose of managing the AAC National Dog Agility team and the funding associated with that team.

Although this AAC National Team Management Group will operate independently of the AAC with regard to fundraising and budgetary management, they will provide an complete financial report annually to the AAC, or as requested by the AAC Board.

The Management Group will oversee all processes inherent in managing the AAC National team, but the AAC Board will retain final approval of Management Group Members, Team Selection Criteria, Team Management Personnel, and Team Members.

The Board will also nominate one of its members to sit on the Management Group as acting Board Liaison.

The Management Group will provide a monthly report, updating the AAC Board of current progress, status, events, and decisions through the Liaison to the AAC Board, at each Board meeting, and an annual report for the Annual General meeting.

At their sole discretion the Board of Directors of the AAC may provide financial support to the AAC National team each year.  This support may take the form of sponsorship of certain team expenses (uniforms/entries to the World Championship event/dog travel vouchers/support staff expenses) or may take the form of donations of product or services for National Team fundraisers (AAC National Championship entries etc) or some combination of thereof.  This support is extremely important to the team, and part of the mandate of Team Management is to find ways to provide value to the AAC and AAC members for their support of the team.

Each year a Traveling Manager and Assistant Manager will be selected from among applications that are submitted by AAC members.  Individuals  in these positions will work with the Management Group to ensure that team travel arrangements are dealt with, help with any issues that may arise before the team travels to the event.  They will also be responsible for managing the team during the travel to and from the event, and at the event, with the assistance of any Management Group personal who are also in attendance.

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